From Food Capitol to Tech Capitol

Sadly, I’m moving on from my week in Portland. I am having a difficult time saying goodbye to the purple hair, tattooed bodies, gauged earlobes, delicious street food, and friendly, laid back population. I’m remembering walking pass the block-long que outside of Voodoo Doughnuts that was extreme anytime of the day- or night, any day of the week; the model shoot by the pedestrian light while I strolled over to the food carts, and the homeless man who suggested the bacon cheeseburger dumpling, his favorite item on the Dump Truck’s menu, before going back to sorting out trash.

Now, I’m in Mountain View, home of Google headquarters, in Silicon Valley, Northern California. This is tech-capitol. Why, they have even bred their own car, Tesla, and quite a fancy one she is. But not once have I been blown away by a meal. And so close to San Francisco- I was expecting differently.

What they do offer, are wonderful markets, and a diverse variety of them. A fifteen- twenty minute walk from our summer apartment (complete with an outdoor pool and small, but efficient gym), are an array of markets: Mi Pueblo, a small, Mexican, predominantly Spanish speaking shop where you can find tamarind pods and cheap little avocados. The Milk Pail Market: a produce shop that’s too small a space to comfortably fit shoppers and allow them to leisurely maneuver their carts around the fruits and vegetables, cheeses, and European treats, with glorious prices. My most recent proud purchase: Organic strawberries for $1.29. And in a different direction and a little more of a walk, there’s Rose: a Persian market, with lusciously arousing orange blossom honey that goes perfectly with their “sarshir”, a delightful cream which traditionally is supposed to be the top layer of fat skimmed off of boiled milk then left to chill. I enjoyed the two together over a thick slice of their Challah. They also have white cheeses by the pound, olives and Middle Eastern style pickles, and a butcher counter with not only halal meat, but also organs- sheep organs, and right below you’ll find the skewers. Kabob away.

So, although I haven’t been impressed by any restaurant here in Tech-Central, I have been enjoying grocery shopping more than ever, along with the mild temperatures, sunny days, cooler nights, and pleasant breezes.


One thought on “From Food Capitol to Tech Capitol

  1. Hi Darling,
    I know you’ve been blogging silent lately, but I hope you will use this opportunity to post a new one! I have nominated you for the Liebster Award for blogging (in case you didn’t see the post that describes it, here it is: )
    I hope you choose to participate because I’d love to read your answers to the questions 🙂
    miss you! Merry Christmas and happy holidays ❤

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