Delayed Opening

We’re in the month of March with the first day of Spring exactly a week away. My mother, who now has an iPhone and has gotten all “appy”, keeps Vibering me photos of Tehran: the street vendors with bowls and bowls of spotted goldfish (the freshwater fish, not the Pepperidge Farm snack), hyacinth flowers in full bloom, all against the backdrop of blue skies. The weather also warmed up a bit here over the weekend, above zero temperatures gave us hope that we were no exclusion from the arrival of Spring. Then, yesterday, I got out half an hour earlier from work, due to inclement weather. It had been snowing non-stop all day, the flakes growing as giant as frisbees in the afternoon. And for the first time, in all of the New Hampshire-Vermont winters, my car was stuck. It took me fifteen minutes and a shovel to get me on the road to home. And while I was driving up my road, I saw someone coming down the street on cross country skis, and people walking up the sidewalk on snowshoes, and I thought for a second, where the hell in this world am I?

Happy New Year to my Persians. Hopefully your Spring is not as blistering.

I’m off to work- we had a delayed opening by an hour and a half.


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